Are you tired of masking who you are to meet the expectations of others in your life? Do you feel under pressure to be “successful”, “fit in", or simply become an image of someone who isn't really you? Or would you like support to reach some personal goals?

Most of us feel life would be better if only we could say what we think, act as we would like and be who we really are.  But surprisingly few of us have the confidence to do so. All too often depression, anxiety and other mental health problems add to existing burdens, weighing us down, making it difficult to know what to do, or which way to turn. 

But help is at hand...


If you want the confidence to live more authentically, develop a better understanding of yourself or be able to change your thinking, emotional state or behaviour we can help you. Together, we can explore the truth behind the mask you present to the world, so you can develop and reach goals that can seem increasingly less attainable when you do not feel yourself.

We help you to align with your true self by identifying your core beliefs and values, sharing your hopes, dreams and nightmares - whether real or imagined, to reveal essential elements of your inner being that may be sub-consciously holding you back or crying out to be heard.

We don’t judge or advise - we simply help you to uncover yourself and feel better about who you really are.

Common Issues we work with:

  • Personal growth

  • Stress management

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Communication

  • Trauma

  • Addiction

  • Career development

  • Sexuality

  • Negative thinking

  • Low self-esteem

  • Life changes

  • Enhancing professional skills

  • Setting up your own business

  • Increasing health and well-being


Blackwood Consultants offer Coaching and Counselling support for Private and Corporate clients in London.

We are a discreet, confidential, private practice located near Bank and Liverpool Street stations.

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