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  • Joanna Dreher

Covid 19 Crib Sheet

We are aware that we our living in unprecedented times - not since the beginning of the last century have we seen a global pandemic on this scale. There are many of us who are worried about their health, their financial situation, their loved ones, their future or being alone. We believe it is important not to focus on all the things we cannot do - let go of those, we cannot determine what the future looks like, we can only deal with the here and now - and to turn our focus on all the things we can do in these times. Here is a list of what we can do.

Wash your hands regularly

Stay at home as much as you can

Don’t scour the news looking for negative articles - this only serves to make us more anxious and is not helpful

Follow government advice

Don’t panic buy food - there is not a shortage of food just a delivery flow issue where people are stockpiling.

Self isolate if you are symptomatic

Self isolate if someone in your household is symptomatic

Check in with relatives/ especially elderly and at risk ones

Check in with neighbours/ especially elderly and at risk ones

Check in with friends

Take daily doses of vitamin D and vitamin C to help boost your immune system Find a way to exercise

Find the positives in this - e.g quality time spent with family

Read / play board games - try time away from electronic devices

Clear clutter in the house

Boost your meditation practice

Practice some self care - candle lit baths, facials etc, bake a cake

Build a routine

Develop a practice of gratitude - e.g I am grateful for our NHS, or for having this time with my family, a deeper sense of community

I read an article reporting that fish and dolphins are returning to the canals in Venice because there are less boats polluting the water. There is also less pollution and the air is cleaner as there is less traffic. There are tales of great community efforts to help others in need. The next few months - or however long we are in this for - will be challenging, your future may look different, but hopefully if we all take care of ourselves and others, there may also be positive changes in the way we live. If you are not coping and need help with anxiety, relationship issues or loneliness, then we are here to help online - Skype, zoom, FaceTime, telephone or perhaps another method that we can accommodate.

Take care people and remember 'Every storm runs out of rain'

This too will pass

Joanna Dreher - Director, Therapist and Coach Blackwood Consultants Ltd