Blackwood Consultants offer Coaching and Counselling support for Private and Corporate clients in London.

We are a discreet, confidential, private practice located near Bank and Liverpool Street stations.

Blackwood Consultants

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Phone: 0203 875 0943

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23 Austin Friars  LONDON  EC2N 2QP  Tel: 0203 875 0943

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Feel isolated, alone , unhappy or unconfident?

 It's not always easy to meet people nowadays: on-line it can be simple; in real life, not so easy.

We are seen in virtual life almost constantly, but that is not necessarily so with real life.

​Add unspoken expectations - the gym, the job, the yoga, the salary, saving the world from the mental chaos that is world politics, the projected life vision and it's easy to lose sight of what matters most.

This is where we come in: we offer professional support to help you transform into who you need to be.

We offer a cutting-edge, discreet and effective approach to wellbeing and growth, embraced by individuals and corporations alike, providing an understanding and personalised support system to help you develop the emotional, mental and behavioural balance and success you deserve. 

We also offer low cost counselling to those on a lower income - see 'services' tab



In a world that seems full of woe and despair, we can help you explore your feelings and work with you to create personal strategies that form the building blocks to wellness.


Today's world can make us believe we should be different - be better, look better... achieve more. If you have goals you would like to reach in your life, but lack the confidence to reach them, we can help you. 


Relationships are the backbone to humanity.  If you are experiencing difficult times, we can help you explore issues and develop new ways of looking at and behaving in your relationships. 



Much of modern society now accepts sexual individuality, but it is still not always easy to truly be yourself.  

We offer a discreet, confidential service to help explore these issues.



If certain behaviours rule your life and affect your relationships. you may have an addiction.  Whether alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, gaming, shopping or love we can help.



Our resident trauma specialist can work with you either using traditional techniques or by a technique called EMDR  (Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing).

‘Joanna, I have loved working with you, I feel connected to my passion again and people around me are starting to see the change. I feel so much more energised and you’ve taught me techniques that I will use for the rest of my life - it’s a game changer.’

Actor 32

Making changes for the better

“I have had a lot of therapy before, but there is something different in the way you do it- you seem to see things differently and that has helped me see myself and my whole life in a completely different light. I can’t really explain it, but I feel so much better now. I feel in control of myself and so much happier. My wife is overjoyed. You’ve been incredible. Thank you Helen.”

Business entrepreneur  65