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Environmental Therapy

Quantum physics is now explaining, in scientific terms, what we already felt in our hearts; we are not separate, isolated beings existing in an external material world, but are changeable, adaptable beings intricately interwoven with the world around us that interacts with us on a subtle and sometimes powerful way.

We can help you get the best from your environment-(office or home spaces) so that you can maximise your well-being, success and health.


Since the industrial revolution we have tended to become further removed from nature, often viewing ourselves as “above” nature and wielding power over it to our advantage. However, the fall-out has been that many of us are no longer in tune with what nature has to offer and the ways it affects us.  


Nature can help us regulate many aspects of ourselves, from sleep rhythms to stress reduction. In recognition of this Eco therapies, which encourage activities done outside, are becoming more widely available and are evidenced to produce significant results for all sorts of common day human difficulties such as depression, lethargy and anxiety.


The direct impact that our homes and work places have on us has been known for thousands of years and a whole science/art created around these universal laws have been taught in the practice of Feng Shui.


Feng Shui is not a cure-all for problems, but a way to live in harmony with your environment. If the energies you are surrounded by support you rather than hinder you, life tends to flow much better.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui originated in China over 4000 years ago and continues to this day. The whole of the universe is linked together by energy sometimes referred to as Chi (Prana in India and Ki in Japan). This energy is subtler and finer than electric and magnetic energies. The Chinese often trace success or failure not to the actions of man, but to the forces of nature known as Feng Shui – literally meaning 'wind' and 'water'. These are held to be responsible for all areas of life; from relationships and health to good fortune and business. 

The underlying premise is that everything in your surroundings from the lie of the land and shape of your house to the finer details of your furnishings have a direct impact on your life. The way the subtle currents of energy flow throughout your body and your immediate environment will either enhance your aims in life or hinder them. The correct assessment of this flow and re-adjustment of various elements that are out of place with your objectives will realign the positive forces and bring you back into balance with nature. 


Throughout the world today people continue to take advantage of Feng Shui to enhance their quality of life or business success. Some examples include; British Airways, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey ,The Body Shop, Madonna, Steven Spiellberg and Deepak Chopra. 


How will a Feng Shui consultation help me?


For private clients: 


Feng Shui works beautifully with coaching. If you are already having counselling or coaching to get your life on track then a feng shui consultation will help you identify how your home is impacting your efforts and what further changes you can make to support your aims.


If you are experiencing a feeling that life is stuck in certain areas (such as relationships, health or wealth) or that you have been suffering from ill health since moving into your current home; the consultants will identify which parts of your home are causing energetic blockages that may be affecting this and give you clear advice as to what changes need to be made to allow beneficial energy to reach the relevant areas. People commonly report that a home that has had feng shui principles applied to it feels ‘heathy”.


Geopathic stress is also an important factor in health and sleep quality. Scientific studies have shown since the1930’s how this earth- based energy lines can affect human health and well-being.   Our practitioner can detect and usually remove these harmful energy lines. 


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In Business:


Consultants are used to help businesses determine the best locations, design their architecture and interiors, and make internal and external changes necessary to ensure the energy flows well and is in harmony with its surroundings. The companies benefit from increased revenue and happier and healthier and more motivated staff.


Feng shui can help organisations create harmonious working conditions, enhance productivity and success. 

We also offer Business and Personal Feng Shui Consultancy services for organisations and individuals interested in using the art of feng shui to improve the flow of energy to enhance health, wealth and happiness in every aspect of personal and corporate life.

“ I don’t know what Helen did, but after she left my house it felt completely different. I was on the verge of moving as I couldn’t feel right there, but Now I absolutely love it. I feel at one with where I live. So many heartfelt thanks."

Cake designer 58

" I have been interested in feng shui for some time , but only made the decision to have a consultation when I realised that whatever I did it didn’t seem to be working out. Helen explained to me where parts of my house were blocking various energies that I needed in order to progress were being blocked. Once I made the alterations she suggested things changed: within two months I had a new job, my relationship was back on track and my health has improved. Strange and Amazing.  Many thanks.”

Bus driver 39

"I was fed up with putting so much effort into my life and still not getting where I wanted to in certain areas.  I couldn’t understand it. A friend recommended feng shui and I found Blackwood and booked a consultation.  It was a  real eye-opener- it all just made sense about how certain areas of my house were reflecting and affecting parts of my life. I made the changes Helen recommended and then had coaching sessions to continue the process. I can only say that things have freed themselves up and I have changed the way I approach things now. My life is flowing so much better now. Fascinating and life-altering.  So many thanks.‘

Financial consultant  34

I found Helen very warm and understanding. I asked her to do some  feng shui for my home and to coach me through some difficult changes and I felt she was always only side and supporting me. On her advice I changed certain parts of my home and coincidentally love the way it looks as well as how it now feels. I feel much more grounded and content now and between the feng shui advice and the on-going coaching I now have found the time and energy to look after myself and family better as well as build my business. It has significantly helped me improve my life and wouldn’t hesitate to suggest it to my friends. Thank you"

Writer 43

'I brought Helen in to help me with my business as things weren’t quite right and I couldn’t work out why not. She did a feng shiu consultation and I implemented all the cures she suggested to me.  Things changed over the next three months and then it got to the stage where I needed to move to a bigger premises. I asked Helen to visit the site before I moved the business in so the I would know how to arrange everything. and she threw a lot of light on how the energy was operating in the building. I was able to make structural alterations before the move date and site each area of the business in the best locations for them.  The business continues to thrive and orders have increased dramatically. It is truly a great system to have access to and I am just so glad I went ahead with it.! I have also had Helen do the same on my house and  we are all in love with it. I am so grateful to Helen for her fun, understanding, care and wisdom."

Theatre props designer  41