Trauma and EMDR

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Trauma therapy is a type of mental health treatment that counsellors use to help people overcome psychological trauma. A traumatic event can and will often happen when you least expect and without warning when it does so. It is important to recognise that if you are experiencing trauma as this is how you brain is acknowledging what has happened to you.

Trauma is often associated with activities of war, distressing accidents , being raped, receiving a distressing medical diagnosis, being attacked or mugged, etc. but it can also refer to difficult events in childhood. Thousands of people each year grow up and live in abusive relationships or regularly witness  distressing events- severe rows, alcoholic  or violent parents, or have to live with care-givers who were emotionally unavailable to them. This is all abuse and has a detrimental effect on the well-being of the child and their ability to grow into emotionally resilient, strong and confident adults.

Trauma therapy will offer you a secure space where you will be able to relay and project your feelings and bodily experience resulting from your traumatic experience, whilst feeling safe, listened to and cared for. A therapist in this specialist area will be highly trained to work with trauma and will be able to offer grounding techniques, breath and bodywork and awareness exercises in the "here-and-now" so you can begin a safe route to recovery.

For some people, unresolved experiences leave people feeling anxious or depressed. Other people may feel unsafe, jumpy, and on edge, finding that they may have difficulties trusting people. They may suffer from nightmares or flashbacks and perhaps avoid reminders of what happened which may affect them in time to come. Unresolved traumatic experiences might lead some people to feel stuck, frozen or emotionally numb. Often people don’t necessarily link up, or feel able to confront, what they may be going through now with events that happened in the past.


In seeing a specialist therapist, we are able to help a trauma survivor to recognise their strengths and build on this. In therapy, the trauma survivor can learn how to regulate emotions and feel safer when triggered. Working with a trauma therapist can help you to understand trauma symptoms and start to work on this.

Our resident trauma specialist will work with you using traditional techniques or by a technique called EMDR  (Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing). This is a highly successful technique that cognitively re-programmes the way the brain has stored the trauma and changes the physiological  responses to current triggers.

"My relationships were always in chaos. My life was in chaos. My thoughts were in chaos. Now I have order- and I like myself. I have just got married and am so happy. Thank you so much!

Personnel manager 38

‘“The EMDR sessions I had with Helen changed my life.  I was struggling every day with intrusive thoughts, flashbacks and negative beliefs about myself. the sessions really helped change all of that. I now have my life and my mind back.  I no longer think that it was somehow my fault, and I don’t feel haunted by it anymore. I seriously recombine this therapy to anyone who has suffered from trauma in their life.  Helen was kind and understanding and I can’t praise her highly enough."

Cake designer 58

A childhood trauma has affected me all my life and interferes with my relationship.  I have tried therapy before, but nothing was quite like the EMDR sessions. I still can't believe that I feel “normal’ now. It's amazing. I feel that I have my mind and body back . And my husband is also overjoyed!  I am so truly grateful to you. Thank you."

Dancer 35