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Addictions affect many people and can destroy lives.

Whether you or a loved one suffer from an addiction to drink, drugs, sex, gambling or gaming the process that grips you is basically the same.If you are serious about making positive changes then we have experienced therapists and coaches to help you get your life back on track. 

What help is available?

If you are still in active addiction you will need a secure and experienced support system. It may be that the first step is to go into a rehab centre where they can take you through the process of detox, therapy and learning about yourself and why this has become an issue in your life in a highly supportive and caring environment. 

Once you are through the stage of the initial "giving up" of the substance or behaviour, or rather, reclaiming healthier options and ways of living and being, then you will need a robust, understanding  and caring support system to help you as you begin to solidify this new way of life. 

We have access to some of London's most highly regarded addiction specialists who can help you decide the best initial course of action; whether that is helping you determine what is the most appropriate treatment for you (with professional knowledge and relationships with rehabilitation centres around the world as well as in the UK), helping you with the admission process and care-planning.

We will see you for an initial session and together decide whether it is best for you to be referred to one of our specialist, or whether you would prefer to see one of our therapeutic coaches. 

We can provide therapuetic coaching to help you stay well and begin to reshape your life the way you want to be. Inevitably the path can present difficulties with old patterns trying to reemerge, and doubts and insecurities opening up. As highly qualified and experienced therapeutic coaches we understand this and will address these difficulties with you whilst we also ensuring that you are able to get on with looking to the future; this may include making plans, determining what steps you need to make to enact them, and helping you unravel any blocks you may encounter along the way.

Typical topics for therapeutic coaching:



Healthy eating

Re-discovering who you really are

Building a health social network 

Finding the career that makes you happy

Keeping on top of cravings and old bad habits



How long does this process take?

 Many people, particularly successful business people, athletes and creative professionals use a coach continuously. However, the process is something you decide as your needs may change. It is usual to use a coach ,ore intensively at the beginning of your desired life changes and then taper it off to perhaps once a month, or even two, once you have a strong sense of control and understanding of yourself, your abilities and strengths. You can always increase or decrease as you see fit. there is no tie-in contract. If you want to continue to see your therapeutic coach purely for ongoing counselling that is always an option that will be open to you. We are here to help provide you with the support and self-belief that you deserve.