E.g. Musicians, actors, dancers, writers, film directors. Etc.

If you are in a creative role then life may not be quite as easy or glamorous for you as others think. Alongside the “normal” difficulties people face such as anxiety, stress, depression, relationship problems, addictions, etc. you may have issues peculiar to your craft: 


  • Dilemma of job stability & security (including financial security),  versus creative urge.


  • Overcoming creative blocks


  • How to keep going in face of adversity, (criticism, lack of opportunities, work)


  • Self-doubt (in ability) 


  • Managing lack of structure


  • Determining end goal/ future focus


  • Improving your skills



Creative roles have their particular challenges which can gnaw away at the individuals sense of well-being and self, and create chaos and unhappiness through other areas of their lives.  Whether you are a writer, dancer, actor, or producer your work involves reaching out and communicating in some way with your audience, hoping to elicit a suitable response. You will be opening it finds. You can experience the extremes of heady euphoria to the depths of despair depending in part upon how the world is choosing to respond to you. The other factors that take you on your journey are your own inner workings.

The world is unstable and changeable, and often ruthless; fashions come and go- in art, music, clothing, aesthetic tastes, drama, etc. Being in that world can take courage and a fair bit of soul-searching at times. A ground-breaking study by the university of Sydney in the 2015 Australian Actors’ Wellbeing Study  shows that performers are twice as likely as the general population to experience depression, suffer from performance anxiety and report high levels of stress arising from work-related pressures such as low income and job insecurity.

One contributing factors to mental and emotional stress for actors is that they are often required to access and express deep emotions when playing a role and the strong identification they can form with their characters. Getting into character is not just as simple as “putting on” or “taking off” a role. Sometimes actors are unable to let go of the emotions associated with their characters and carry them into their personal lives.

We have experience of working with people in these roles and offer a reliable, non-judgmental, friendly professional support to enable you to explore your inner and outer world with. Our only agenda is to be there for you, help you understand yourself better and help you make any internal or external changes that you feel will benefit your life.