Blackwood Consultants offer Coaching and Counselling support for Private and Corporate clients in London.

We are a discreet, confidential, private practice located near Bank and Liverpool Street stations.

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23 Austin Friars  LONDON  EC2N 2QP  Tel: 0203 875 0943

Addiction counselling

We'll provide the help you need

If certain behaviours are ruling your life and affecting your relationships and ability to live a free life, you may be under the grips of an addiction. Whether alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, gaming, shopping or love we are able to help you address the demons if you want to.


Whilst the thought of giving this addiction up may be scary you will never be free whilst it has charge of you. Thousands of people do exactly this every year and gain control of their lives again. 


At Blackwood we are privelleged to have a renowned addiction specialist in our team- see Frances Lickerish bio in' meet the team'. Francis can work with you to help you uncover the possible reasons for your addiction and support you through to recovery.

‘"Francis is an inspirational man.  I think I would be dead without him, but now my life is so rich.  How can I thank him enough.”

Business owner  68

‘“I dread to think where I would be if I hadn’t been recommended to see Francis. My addictions were ruining me and my life- My marriage had disintegrated and my health and finances were in ruin.  Francis knew what I was going though and helped me believe in myself- he was brutally honest but allowed me to have hope again. It was a tough journey- and I’m still on it, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and know I am on my way. I wouldn’t have got here without his support,  understanding and care. I have immense gratitude.”

Dental Practice owner  54

“Seeing Francis over the past two years has given m the clarity to recreate myself and my life. I now realise that much of how I was was not really mine- but beliefs I had carried form my upbringing. I have been steadily shedding them and feel much more “myself” no. Its been an enlightening and life-affirming process. He is a wonderful therapist . I feel blessed to have worked with him.”

Writer  33