Blackwood Consultants offer Coaching and Counselling support for Private and Corporate clients in London.

We are a discreet, confidential, private practice located near Bank and Liverpool Street stations.

Blackwood Consultants

23 Austin Friars


EC2n 2QP


Phone: 0203 875 0943

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23 Austin Friars  LONDON  EC2N 2QP  Tel: 0203 875 0943

About Us

Blackwood Consultants offer a fresh new approach to well-being, bringing  together highly -trained and experienced consultants who are skilled in combining the disciplines of counselling and coaching.


We are consultants therapeutically trained in coaching and counselling, providing personalised support system to anyone seeking emotional, mental and behavioural balance and success.


Help people work through emotional, mental and behavioural difficulties, to achieve greater satisfaction, improve relationships or attain personal and professional growth.


Our discreet, cutting-edge, effective approach to well-being and personal growth enables individuals and corporations to enjoy happier, more productive and fulfilling lives.

Our Philosophy

We all have the ability and right to be happy, to love ourselves, learn and grow, to achieve amazing things and live productive, exciting and fulfilling lives.

Our Vision

To foster significant changes in people's personal and professional lives through quality counselling and personalised coaching.

Our Clients

Anyone who feels isolated, alone, stressed, anxious or depressed who finds it difficult to connect with others, make friends, find romantic relationships or develop a sense of satisfaction, peace, joy and contentment.

Big enough to cater for large organisations, yet small enough to offer bespoke, discreet, confidential services for all our clients, we believe people have unlimited potential and aim to help our clients feel and perform at their best.